Quality compost production and local circuit

CAUS collaborates with the Maison de l'environnement de Verdun, Casa-CAFI, the Repaire jeunesse Dawson, the SAV committee of the CDSV and Verdun sans faim in a project that operationalizes a complete food chain, from food recovery to distribution.

Zéro déchets

Shops have been progressively integrated into the short circuit: including IGA Wellington, La Branche d'Olivier and Marché Tondreau.

Foodstuffs that cannot be used for processing in the collective kitchens of Casa-CAFI and the Dawson Boys and Girls Club are collected every week from May to November by CAUS for composting. Between 477 and 640 litres of food waste were thus recovered and deposited in the industrial composter operated by CAUS each year.

The project will continue in 2021 and quality compost will be offered to gardeners in Verdun.

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