Kimchi Lady

Authentic and traditionally made Kimchi, which is fermented and bottled.

Our story:

During her childhood in Korea, Judy grew up with her great-grand mother, grand mother and mother making their family's annual Kimjang.

Since as long as she can remember, Kimchi has been an important part of her life. Not only it is her custom and keeping up with our traditional main staple, she has always made her own homemade Kimchi.

Over many years, her friends, family and colleagues have asked...("begged") her to make a jar of homemade kimchi. No matter how busy she was with work, it was her pleasure to provide them with homemade Kimchi.

During the COVID lockdown, as she was pondering on ideas and ways she can overcome the fear of the pandemic, she started to think of "what makes her most happy" so that she can generate some of her happiness to provide to those in need.

She started to make Kimchi, feeling every moment of joy while she made it. By word of mouth, friends and neighbors started loving and enjoying her homemade kimchi. Now it's also available chez Multi-CAUS.

I want to make the world better, one jar of kimchi at a time!

Son Hee Judy Park

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Son Hee Judy Park

Kimchi Lady

759 rue Versailles, Montréal, Québec H3C 1Z5

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