Inspirational Cinema by Ciné-Quartier at Multi-CAUS

Screening-discussion about the inspiring documentary "Nous tous" by Pierre Pirard, as part of the International Day of Peace events.

The International day of peace

This documentary will take you around the globe while inspiring you with initiatives that break down barriers. You will see the power of working together to create bridges between different people.


The screening will be followed by sharing about how the film inspired us and how anyone can, in their own way, be an actor of peace.

This evening is offered in collaboration with Ciné-Quartier, Mouvement de paix and Coop CAUS, as an example of working together and human connection.

Nous tous by Pierre Pirard

Documentary | France | 2021 | 91 min | Bilingual French and English

“What if, far from the tensions about questions of identity and a fear of “the other”, we demonstrate other realities?

What if we tell stories about bold citizens who, with a view to a harmonious life between people of different beliefs, reinvent the family, education, social relations, culture, work... and this despite the difficulties and existing tensions?

What if, thanks to these stories gleaned from the four corners of the planet, we begin to see emerge what could be the multi-identity and nevertheless harmonious world of tomorrow?

What if we all take part?

Suggested voluntary contribution: $5

About Initernational Peace Day:

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