Domaine Kildare Winery

Domaine Kildare is a family business specializing in the production of maple syrup as well as wine and liqueurs made from maple syrup. They are located in Joliette.

Products and Services

You will have a lot of fun discovering the products of the Domaine Kildare. Original products from the Quebec region.

Aperitif, Digestive or Digestive 17 years old, the result of more than 20 years of exploring the flavors of maple, will seduce you for sure.

Let yourself be charmed by the incomparable nuances of maple.

Domaine Kildare, artisan liquorist since 1995.

Their story:

In 1995, agronomist Janick Choquette, microbiologist Chantal Lemieux and their son Arnaud Choquette (an agronomist himself) invited us to discover a continent of flavors that had been barely explored.

"   People are surprised when they taste it because it is not very sweet. It really does have the taste of maple"

Jannick Choquette, co-founder, Domaine Kildare

You want to know more?

Chantal Lemieux or Jannick Choquette, co-owners

Domaine Kildare

205 Louis-Bazinet
Joliette, J6E 7J5

450 752 9957

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