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Un Océan de Saveurs (An Ocean of Flavours) is the only certified organic and sustainable fishing seaweed producer in Quebec.

All of their products are vegan and gluten-free.


  • Sea bacon (Dulse): Flavors of seafood, shellfish, lobster and sea salt and both full-bodied with slight notes of hazelnut.
  • Black seaweed: Strong fishy flavor.
  • Kombu: (Laminaria digitata): Vegetable flavor of dried hay, caramel and sea salt.
  • Royal Kombu (sea lasagna): Vegetable flavor, refined, slightly sweet and slightly sea salty.
  • Sea lettuce and marine spirulina: vegetable flavor, reminiscent of sorrel and spinach.
  • Sinner's blend: Refined flavor with vegetal and seafood notes.
  • Atlantic Nori: delicate, fragrant, woody reminiscent of tea and dried mushrooms with aromatic notes of seafood.
  • Wakame (sea fern): Delicate nutty taste.
  • Kelp: Fishy flavor

Their story:

Antoine Nicolas, the founder and owner ofUn Océan de Saveurs (an ocean of flavours), defies winds, ice and tides by diving, year-round, to harvest the seaweed that grows near the shores of Forillon National Park. A few days later, they find themselves on the plates of the greatest restaurants in Quebec and are now accessible to everyone, including CAUS members.

This native Breton was destined for a career in aquaculture. When he arrived in Grande-Rivière in 2011, he realized that the region was full of an interesting and under-exploited resource: algae. He then changed his career plan to start a business specializing in the collection and distribution of fresh seaweed.

Its harvest period is spread over the whole year; he even dives in winter!

Our mission is to provide you with quality products that meet our values environmentally friendly in a sustainable development process ."

Antoine Nicolas, founder and owner of Un Océan de Saveurs

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Antoine Nicolas

founder and owner of Un Océan de Saveurs



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