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Artisanal soaps of Lac Masson was established in 2017. Their mission is to promote a natural way of life, advocate a vision of self-sufficiency and convey love and passion for simpler greener living. May our soaps and other products give you pleasure and well-being, for your body, your skin, and your soul!

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The manufacture and dyeing of our soaps are made from natural products such as birch water, cultivated aloe vera, or various herbs and spices. Sometimes clay or activated charcoal is added, as well as liquids such as coffee or tea. All of our bars of soap are carefully prepared and tested before we give them different shapes and sizes to give you the most pleasant cleaning experience. Whenever possible, we use organic materials and fair trade products.

Our complimentary products include lip balms, food wrapping sheets, laundry soap and fabric softener balls, recurring dishwashing pads, hand creams, and handmade soap dishes. All of these products can be ordered online or purchased at our kiosk during markets.

"It gives me great pleasure to help people discover the ingredients and properties of my soap products."

Kirsten Schrankel, founder of Savons Artisanaux du Lac Masson

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Kirsten Schrankel, founder
Savons artisanaux du Lac Masso


Québec, J0T 1L0, Canada

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