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Choosing the Les Jardins Florelia farm is an invitation to savor the best of the region. From your kitchen you will travel the world to discover the fruits of the slow and patient work of plant selection by generations of farmers who, season after season, carefully choose the best plants to resow them the following year.

By tasting these delicacies of nature perhaps you will discover some of them or others will remind you of memories of travels of local cuisines.

One thing is certain, with our fruits and vegetables you will always have the freshest and tastiest local products to prepare your meals or have a snack and you will have the satisfaction of contributing to the safeguard of our environment by supporting agriculture, ecological and sustainable, an agriculture that protects the genetic diversity of vegetable crops and pollinators while eating local. In order to help pollinators and insects we incorporate strips of flowers among our crops which allows us to offer you magnificent country bouquets.

Their story:

Both from the world of agriculture, we have a similar and surprising background. Elia comes from a small village in Mexico where his father grew vegetables that were sold to other villagers.

She completed a technique in agricultural production and processing. She was about to become a beekeeping teacher when she left Mexico for Quebec where she practiced visual arts.

Pierre completed his studies in agronomy and horticulture at Macdonald College and then in business administration. He was already practicing bio-intensive farming at that time. For several years he had been working in urban agriculture in the community sector.

From agriculture we then both branched off into the visual arts, our other passion. It was during a course on ancient oil painting techniques that we met. There followed eight years of a great friendship at the end of which we ended up uniting in love and complicity.

With Les Jardins Florelia we complete the loop and return to our first passion.

"However, the characteristic that differentiates us the most from most vegetable farms, both conventional and organic, is the exclusive use of open-pollinated varieties for our crops. Hybrid varieties used in agriculture contribute to the accelerated loss of genetic diversity of food crops and increase our dependence on the agribusiness complex that owns the rights to most of these hybrids. This is why in your basket you will not find any hybrid fruits and vegetables, all our products come from open-pollinated varieties."

Pierre Lampron, co-founder

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Pierre Lampron, co-founder Jardins Florelia


400 Route Principale, Très-Saint-Rédempteur, QC, J0P 1P1

Visit our website: https://www.jardinsflorelia.com/

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