Jardin Buzz

Their story:

Jardin Buzz specializes in attracting pollinating insects to your garden.

They offer a collection of plants that are indigenous to eastern North America and which are cultivated with health and love so that you can fill your garden with spectacular plants that will give you a buzz thanks to bees and butterflies.

They grow many types of native species so you can have three stunning seasons of flowers. Native plants are low-maintenance, perennial and the best for our pollinators. 

Jardin Buzz’s outreach focuses on promoting native milkweeds to Quebec, the plants necessary for monarch survival. Their goal? That each of us devote a corner to milkweek. 

The "bad" ones are the best! Tough, showy and tons of attitude. Plant native plants that pack a punch of nectar or pollen! "

Krin Haglund
Fondatrice, Jardin Buzz

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Krin Haglund
Fondatrice, Jardin Buzz

Visit their website: https://jardinbuzz.com/

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