Hamidou Horticulture (African plants)

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Hamidou Horticulture is a project for the production and sale of ethnic and heritage vegetable plants by Hamidou Maiga.

Are you immigrants or descendants of immigrants? Do you like discovering new plants and new flavors? Are you part of a community or urban agriculture project and you want to grow plants from here, elsewhere and everywhere? Whether for your culinary experiences, for your daily life or for your neighbors, Hamidou Horticulture offers you healthy plants grown in accordance with organic standards.

In addition, consultation services for organic vegetable production are available.

Why here?

Quebec is a land of immigration welcoming people from all over the world, who settle here to build a better life and to enrich the cultural diversity of this country, in terms of clothing, cuisine and language. The city of Montreal is an example of this ethnic melting pot: there are restaurants and grocery stores from almost every country in the world. In addition, Montrealers are avid travelers, enjoying discovering new countries by visiting them or devouring the food, shows and objects from around the world that abounds in the stalls of the neighborhoods and alleys of ethnic Montreal. Finally, Canada has not escaped the explosion of urban agriculture, at the individual level (cultivation of fruits and vegetables in backyards, on balconies) and at the collective level (community gardens, projects of urban agriculture). This allows citizens to explore other varieties of edible plants: when you can choose what to plant in your yard, you might as well opt for variety and discover other flavors!

Hamidou Maiga, founder of Hamidou Horticulture

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Hamidou Maiga, founder



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