Café Chato

The Café Chato is an ideal place if you want to relax, eat good food and drink a comforting coffee ― while being surrounded by cute cats. It is also possible to adopt cats (you have to go through the Animex shelter for this procedure).

Free wifi connection as well as several electrical outlets are also available for customers who wish to study or work in the café. Plus, there's a family corner where kids can draw and play ― if accompanied by a parent, of course.

It is also possible to opt for the VIP experience, which will give you the chance to immortalize the pleasure you will have with the cats with a photo session and much more.

Their story:

The concept of cat cafe has been quite widespread around the world, and has been for a few years. Indeed, it seems that the majority of large cities have at least one cat cafe. Thus, in the fall of 2018, Rémy, Agnès and Sébastien opened Café Chato. Obviously, the well-being of cats is central to the values of the company and for this reason, the space is entirely adapted to their needs. We can say that the cafe is not only a place where people can go to relax in the company of cats, but also a kind of showcase for cats available for adoption.

“Café Chato is like a giant foster home for cats waiting to find their forever family. We take care of providing them with the necessary comfort so that they fully enjoy their stay with us. On the other hand, all veterinary costs and adoptions go through the Animex shelter.”

Rémy, Agnès and Sébastien (founders)

You want to know more?

Café Chato

4833 Rue de Verdun
Montréal, Québec, H4G 1N2

Lundi au Vendredi de 7h à 19h
Samedi de 9h à 18h
Dimanche de 9h à 17h


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