Breddy Bakery

Boulangerie Breddy specializes in making natural sourdough breads and whole grain pastries. They work with organic, local and often whole-grain flour.

Their product line includes bakery products: sourdough breads, brioches, cookies, crackers, pies, etc. They also offer jams and sometimes even dumplings (Chinese dumplings). They also sell flour (Agrobio coop).

Their story:

Breddy Bakery was created in 2017 to favor short circuits and transparency. Most of their flour is purchased directly from producers (Coop Agrobio, Moulin Les Grains du Val, Almanac Grain, etc.). Its owner wants to extend this approach as much as possible to all its ingredients, including eggs, dairy products, etc..

“On a larger scale, I would like to participate in building a food infrastructure that is fairer, cares about the health of people / soils / producers, and is accessible. "

Eddy Mysliwiec, Collectif Récolte, 23 juin, 2020

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Eddy Mysliwiec

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Sur les réseaux sociaux : @breddyboulangerie

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